Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dumpster diving hippie

Oh my goodness lovies, I've missed you all!  Sorry I've been MIA for a couple days!

Things are going well here.  I've had a few changes in the last couple days.  Exciting things in the works.  One was a fantastic Reduce, Reuse, Recycle moment.  Hubster was on his way out the door Sunday and returned soon afterward with quite a racket.

He found a treadmill on the curb.  We aren't a home with much disposable income, so we have a long-term wishlist.  A treadmill or elliptical machine has been on the wishlist for a few years now.  He plugged it in and it worked!  A 4 inch part has to be replaced, but according to le google it may just cost us shipping because it's a common flaw.

Another change is that I'm taking the plunge into natural shampoo.  So far, I'm kind of disgruntled.  I've heard that is VERY common.  I also think I know why hippies always looked like they could use a shower.  My hair has been looking like I went without a shower and lived under a bridge for the past couple weeks.  I'm not one to give up easily, though, so I'm still trying to give it a chance.  But if it takes a month for my hair to "change over," I don't think I'll make it.

Food food food...  Irish made me some delicious butternut squash and was even sweet enough to snap a few pics for me.  My plan is to post that tomorrow.  Otherwise, my food has been pretty boring lately.

Exercise... I've been loving the extra daylight in the evening.  It's allowed us to take family walks together after work, which has been great for de-stressing.  And of course I'm super excited about the treadmill!  I can't wait!!  Irish has exercised 2 days in a row now.  That's happy news to me!  Although he sure knows how to drive me nuts sometimes, I love the guy and would like to keep him around for a few more decades.  Oh, and there's also the fringe benefit.  Let's be honest ladies, who would turn down the chance to admire some muscles on their man?!

I don't feel like I'm very exciting today now that I've actually written it all down.  Now I have to go wash my hair.  Literally.  So I don't buzz it all off and start over.  Actually, that's not a bad idea at this point...

Would you ever consider snagging somebody's trash to be your new treasure?  What's the best trash-to-treasure find you've ever had?  Do you feel that health extends into the beauty products you use?