Thursday, March 18, 2010

My chicks didn't hatch

So I have to confess something embarrassing.

My giveaway fell through.

Sad, I know.  Disappointing.  I counted my chicks before they hatched, and then they never hatched.

It was going to be a Celestial Seasonings Wellness Kit.  Doubly disappointing to me because I love and adore the company.  I've loved them ever since I was a little kid and had one of their old Sleepytime Tea tins (an actual metal tin!).

I stored my little junk treasures in it and thought the illustration of the Sleepytime Bear all tuckered out was the most adorable little thing.

Celestial Seasonings was kind enough to send me a little consolation prize, though.  I get to try some of the teas, but won't have one to share or the book, the mug, etc. that came with the kit.  If I could foot the bill to try duplicating the kit for a giveaway, I would, but times are tight 'round these parts.

Oh well, we just roll with the punches and move on.  So let's see what goodness the mail brought me today.

FedEx?  We like FedEx!  Let's see what's inside...

A tower of teas!  (You could probably tell that was it, right?)  I'd say that's a pretty nice consolation prize.  Look at all the fun flavors.  Goji berry pomegranate?  Sleepytime vanilla?  Yes, please!  That ginseng energy is going to the office to cure a case of the Mondays. (one of the greatest movies ever, seriously.)

Officially, it's a gluten free kosher tower, which I know may be important to some of you.

They're environmentally conscious and believe in fair wages and ethical trading, which I know is also important to many of you (especially to me). 

And always a little fun goodie for you while you wait for your water to heat...

Inspirational or uplifting quotes on every box.  The little things like this make it seem like the company really puts thought into their products and acts consciously when making decisions.

While I am disappointed that I will not be able to share a fun giveaway with you, I am still excited to try 5 new flavors of CS.  Hope you all have a wonderful evening!

Do you like tea?  What flavors and brands are your favorites?  Do those "little touches" from a company ever make you smile?  I think my parents always had at least one box of CS in our kitchen growing up, so I feel comforted any time I fix some for myself.