Thursday, March 4, 2010

Excitement is brewing

So...... I have something very exciting in the works, and I just cannot wait to share it!

It's been a couple crazy long days at the 9-5 and I'm still trying to get the laptop daisy fresh again.  But I wanted to share that I've gotten my very first giveaway offer.  It's one that I want to accept from a company that I have supported over many years with my personal hard-earned money.  I love the idea of doing this particular giveaway as my very first one because I love and support this company's products.  A no brainer!

Bear with me for this because I'm sure there's some lead time to get the products, review them, plan the giveaway, etc., so just know that it's in the works!  Until then, tell everyone to jump on the OA bandwagon so they don't miss their chance!  :)

In other news:

I'm sure it's not a big newsflash, but I hate drama.  There's been a lot of it for a variety of reasons lately, and if that doesn't settle down soon, I very well may have to find some medications.  I thank my lucky stars that I changed my eating habits months before this because I truly would have needed a doctor's intervention.  I tend to manage all those stressed out feelings inside my churning stomach so I maintain a cool exterior.  Like a duck looking cool as a cucumber above water, but always paddling under the surface.

I ate a delicious honkin' salad for lunch today in honor of VT. 

I've also had more and more people asking me about eating vegetarian and how I made the decision to change my eating habits.  A few also asked how on earth Irish got on board with the idea.  I've enjoyed talking to people about it, and hope that I'm walking on the right side of that fine line to share how great it's been for me and the health benefits that convinced me to give it a try but without sounding preachy in any way.

People often respond that they respect my ability to make that choice, but could never be able to give up meat.  Maybe more of you seasoned veggies (mmm, tasty!) can help me with that.  I simply respond back that it's actually been very easy for me and that I quickly reached the point where I had no desire to eat meat.  I also share that it's pretty easy to find foods that you can eat in nearly every setting and that I feel better after changing my diet, which is a good motivator to continue.  I certainly am sharing that just as a personal experience and not as a pitch for them to join me, and I hope that comes across.  I don't want to become the "veggie thumper" (you know, the Bible thumper's cousin) because I'm passionate.  I figure to each their own.

(See? Veggie and fruit lover not thumper.  Except watermelons, but they're meant to be thumped!)

I'm looking very forward to the weekend.  I want time to relax, rejuvenate, catch up on blogs, sleep, fam time... it's sad how quickly things can get neglected when certain parts of life get off kilter or become time sucks.  That's part of the beauty of weekends.  You can reset your life with a clean slate.  You have the choice to fill it with festivities and friends or keep it open and relaxed.  Love it!

So I  think that's it for now.  Here's to a productive Friday and straight on to a fab weekend!

Any suggestions or tips for planning a successful giveaway?  How do you handle (or not handle) drama?  Do you notice physical effects from the stress?  What's your fave part about weekends?


Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) said...

congrats on the give away...that's great!
and the bible thumpin veggie preaching thing...better to not do it, clearly :) I have a guest post coming out on a pretty popular blogger's blog addressing this very issue, I think you will like my thoughts..basically, dont justify or explain yourself, it serves no one any good and just exhausts you :)

Sunshine Mama said...

I've got my first give-a-way coming up too. And I'm trying to figure out that very thing.

I'll let you know how it goes.

Maurie Kirschner said...

Ah, the weekend. I love that I actually see my husband for more than a few hours , which is all we get on weekdays. In honor of that I don't do much computer stuff unless it is looking up something to do with what he and I are talking about or looking to do. I look forward to less computer on the weekends, especially since I spend hours and hours researching and writing on my computer during the week. I also love having someone to do the little things with, like fold laundry and doing dishes - it makes it so much less tedious to have the company.

Looking forward to hearing about your give away.

I've found that people will decide your being preachy even if you're not if they tend to be defensive or have some sort of guilt issue about whatever it is that you are talking about. I think just living your passion openly and happily is what matters and if people are offended, well... *shrug