Thursday, March 25, 2010

Keep it in persepective, pita please!

Bad play on words, check.  I think it was kinda creative.

Moving on to the perspective part first.  Then we'll launch into the food.


So you'll be happy to know that I got a little more sleep last night and I didn't chew through the walls today.  I already felt so much better just not putting all that unnecessary junk into my body.  When you're that exhausted and your tank is low, you don't care what you use to fuel your body as long as it helps you hobble along.  That's not good!

Perspective is an interesting thing.  Usually when you need it the most is when you lose it all.  This week I have witnessed several people lose all sense of perspective because they have let their priorities get skewed way off kilter.  It's such a pointless waste of energy, and you often neglect something important when you shift priorities because you forget what really mattered.  Keep it in perspective and you're much more prepared to tackle things as they arise and know what matters and what doesn't.  Plus you're way less likely to do a metaphorical face plant.  I'm not trying to be preachy.  This week has just highlighted the importance of keeping perspective, so I thought I'd spread the word.

Now for the pita portion of this broadcast.

Sweet fry pita

What do you do when you have leftover sweet fries, but they've been reheated enough that they're a little tough to eat by themselves?  You blend an idea to make a sweet potato sammich with a salad pita and the existing fries.  Don't worry, this story ends well.  Here's what you'll need:
  • Leftover sweet fries  (This batch included plenty of noochy goodness)
  • Whole grain pita
  •  Spinach
  • Broccoli
  • Carrots
  • Hummus (specific version will be tomorrow's post)
Grill or oven heat your sweet fries back to a toasty temperature.  While they heat up, break your pita in half to get inside.  If it's brittle like mine are, go ahead and separate the pocket seam to allow plenty of room to pile high.  Spread on the hummus first, since it will help the veggies stick a little.  Then start piling.  I like to chop my broccoli and carrots into little pieces so I can really pack them on.  When you get a big mound of veggies on 2 pita halves, cover them with the sweet fries, hold in place, and put the other sides of the pita over them.

Oh sweet vegan goodness this stuff is amazing!

You really have to try this combo, it is so good.  Plus if you want a really amazing souped up hummus, that's coming tomorrow.  The next time I make sweet fries, I will probably set aside a couple pita-fulls just to repeat this sammich.

Do you like to get creative with leftovers?  Are you good at keeping things in perspective?  What's your favorite way to eat sweet potatoes?