Saturday, April 3, 2010

You say you want a revolution!

Sorry it's been a few days.  Sleep deprivation is a b!tch and I had to get through the work week.  Back in the game now, though!

Grocery Finds

I am rarely the one who grocery shops because I always find new tasty treasures.  Today I actually had to get stuff on my way home from work, and as anticipated, I found some surprising things.  After the initial shock of noticing some crazies wandering our neighborhood grocery, I dug into a couple fun sections to see what I could find.  Their cocoa powder was a swing and a miss.  Plain cocoa powder and nothing more.  No extra dark, nothing.  I'll have to look again later.

The grain section made me happy, though.  Milled flax seed to use as an egg substitute.  Tons of alternate grains to the plain old flour, whole wheat flour, and oatmeal.  They had barley, millet, bulgur... all kinds of fun stuff!  I only left with the milled flax seed because I wanted to decide what I'd use the grain for before I bought it.

In general, I was just proud that the local grocery store had some healthy options.  Little steps forward to make me smile! :)

Food Revolution

We watched Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution tonight.   It was pretty interesting.  I was really shocked about what really mattered to the RD overseeing the project.  Seemed like she had lost her sense of what really mattered along the way.  I was lucky to be raised in a family where we valued health.  We made the best choices as we knew how.  My mom baked french fries instead of frying them, and we very rarely even ate them.  We always had veggies on our plates.  I got brown bagged lunches so I never had to eat the pizza that always reminded me of puke on a plate.


One thing that I've already learned in my few years on this planet is that you will continually learn more about nutrition.  If you decide that you learned all there was to learn 20 years before, you can guarantee that you'll be wrong.

It was also a little sad to me that they couldn't raise the $80K needed after the kids pulled off such a great performance and two of the girls cried.  I realize that it was a big order to fill in one night and that each invitee would have to shell out a grand, but I kinda figured they'd make it happen.  Overall we liked the show even if it was frustrating to see what an uphill battle it was just to feed kids something healthy.

Have you noticed improvements in your local grocery store's stock?  Do you think Jamie Oliver can really turn things around?