Sunday, November 29, 2009

Back to normal-ish

Ahhhh, we're getting back to normal-ish finally.  I would consider my in-laws' visit a success.  We have leftovers for probably a good month or so.  My husband will try to repackage and freeze so we get a little space back in our fridge.  I am eager to get back to making vegetarian meals.  I think he is comforted to know that all that frozen meat means that he will safely avoid vegetarianism for a while longer.

He has been amazingly good about the transition, though.  He was helpful as we shopped for food the week before Thanksgiving and tried to look for vegetarian options that he thought we might like.

I went crazy cleaning today for several hours after everyone left.  I figured it was good to go with the momentum.  Used towels and sheets have been washed, the odds and ends have been picked up, the bathrooms were thoroughly cleaned, the kitchen was cleaned... I love a clean house and it feels great to know that it's 90% picked up post-guests already.

I prepared a pumpkin apple smoothie for breakfast tomorrow, took a relaxing detox bath, and am hopeful that I'll have the energy to wake up in the morning and exercise.  Life is definitely cheerier right now!  Let's hope that work is just as kind to me this week to make it a full success!  But now, off to sleep.  After all, that is yet another key to living a good, healthy, happy life!