Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A case of the blahs

I'm having a case of the blahs this week.  I did so well the past 3 weeks and feel myself teetering on the edge of the wagon this week.  I have chosen more sleep over working out every morning so far.  I have not made the best food choices for myself.  I was in two situations already this week where meat sauce lasagna was put before me, and I went ahead and ate it.  A salad floated right past me during our "power work lunch" today, and I just passed it along.  It just seemed to take too much effort at that point to add it to the plate after I'd served up everything else.

I had decided that I was going to be kind to myself and just do the best that I could.  Especially before the new year, I was going to be pretty lenient with myself.  I know that I'll eat turkey on Thanksgiving, I know that I'll have to eat some kind of animal at the annual Christmas party, I know that I'll have to eat more turkey or ham or something for Christmas dinner...  I have not delved deep enough into this transformation to make announcements and request accommodations yet.  Plus, I knew that it would be nearly impossible to maintain the schedule I set for myself to workout early, go to bed early, eat at a reasonable time, etc when we had out-of-town family staying with us for the holidays.  As somebody who loves my sleep, I know that the friction builds up fast when you come in jet-lagged and get woken up by a bright and early routine going on just outside your door.

I had decided, though, that despite all of that I would do the best that I could for myself.  I considered doing easy workouts in our bedroom without TV instructors or noisy weight and resistance machines.  I figured that I'd get a small slice of the turkey and load up on the greener options.  I decided I would allow myself the holiday sweets, BUT would think first if it was something that I really loved and was craving as part of the holiday tradition OR if I just wanted a sugary taste in my mouth.  I still had not decided how to balance the fridge situation.  A very not-open-minded brother-in-law or a worried mother spies a green veggie concoction that I call "breakfast" or a dinner without meat taking up the whole plate will draw weeks of relentless conversations or criticisms (depending on the person).  "My brother married a loony tune granola flake."  "Are you trying to be anorexic?"  Eesh, it stresses me out already.

Anyway, returning to the here and now...  I had NOT planned to fizzle out so soon after starting or to not maintain my plan up to the point that the family flooded the home.  I have just felt blah, though.  Most of my coworkers have been sick in the past couple weeks.  I was proud of myself for being healthy enough that my body resisted it, so the kind decision would be to decide that I must be feeling blah because my body it staving off the attack of this nasty bug.  I have been stretching the bedtime a little as we try to prepare bit-by-bit for the guests, so maybe I truly need the sleep.

No matter what the reason is, though, I still want to keep the momentum.  If anybody has found me, please share any insight you might have.  How do you get past the blahs?  How do you keep the momentum going?  How do you handle the not understanding critical people in your life as you transition away from a traditional eating style?