Saturday, November 14, 2009

A little introduction

Hello! I'm on a quest to live healthier and happier. I've successfully focused on this goal for about 3 weeks now, and decided it would be nice to have a venue to share the process. For me, the general purpose is all about healthiness and happiness, but for me, being healthy also means not being too strict with myself. So on some days, feeling healthy and happy could be all about spending time catching up on the news and other women's lives on my Google Reader, or it could be about catching up on sleep. Exercise and food are also prime candidates of course.

I have always wanted to be healthy. Actually my personal motto involves health and happiness. My definitions are broad because you have to make your body, mind, soul, spirit, relationships, etc healthy and happy in my view. I feel like I slacked off on my pursuit in the last couple years. Life got in the way and I became overwhelmed. Certainly overwhelmed by work, life circumstances, and a truly mess house (brought on by sharing the living space with my brand new husband!).

This passion for health has been reignited in me recently, though, and I want to pursue it wholeheartedly. I was blessed with a petite body, but I know that age and life can change even the smallest of frames into something out of control if you don't do your part to protect it. This is why health is my goal, not a weight, not a size. I am happy with my weight and size, and I plan to stay that way. Happy reading, and welcome!

I'm a social person, so if you find me, please link and comment to your heart's content!