Saturday, November 28, 2009

Two important realizations

I had two important realizations today.

One, was that my "oven aversion" is most likely due to WHAT is normally prepared in a kitchen much more than a more generalized hatred of cooking.  Honestly and truly, I have handling any food that used to be an animal.  Why I never took that thought far enough to think that maybe I should do without the meat until today, I'll never know.  As I've tried to eat less meat and even attempted fewer cooked meals, I discovered that the issue was not actually a far-reaching hatred of cooking.  I don't hate cooking or un-cooking things that don't involve meat.

The other big lightbulb moment happened soon after eating meat. (My in-laws are here for the extended weekend, so I didn't worry about trying to be vegetarian for those 5 days.  I started that shift maybe 2 weeks beforehand, so I wasn't prepared to make that announcement yet.)  Anyway, I had a little turkey and ham on Thanksgiving night and my body promptly begged for sleep.  This afternoon, I had meat again and my body is doing the same thing.  I am actually about to put the laptop down and initiate my spidey in-law sense so I can slip in a nap.  (In other words, the infamous "mmmph, no you didn't wake me, I was watching TV" line.)  Meat = sleep to my body.  I feel sluggish.  Whereas yesterday, I manage a fully vegetarian day because they were busy and didn't hover too much.  About this time yesterday, they were all crashed out asleep from a meat coma, and I was quietly walking around and getting stuff done without making them feel like unwelcome house guests. 

So anyway, a purposeful jump off the wagon for a few days has further solidified my belief that my meat-eating days are fleeting.  Now to fix some hot tea and sleep off this blech.