Sunday, November 15, 2009

Healthy wreck

So all week my husband was begging me to agree that we could have a "wreck" for dinner.  A few things to explain here before I proceed:
1) I am trying to gently transition us from being full omnivores into being vegetarians (lacto-ovo is ok), then proceeding into the vegan territory afterward.  Probably never 100% since my in-laws eat meat like it's their job.  And I may never convince my husband to do without milk and cheese.  You couldn't pry a glass of milk out of his cold dead hands.  But I'm all about being gentle on us and doing it for our health, and your happiness is one aspect of your health.
2) A "wreck" is a food dish my husband discovered on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives one night.  Not exactly the place to find healthy fare.  It's basically a lot of scrambled egg and anything else you can find mixed into one dish.

So anyway, I finally agree that we can fix a wreck for dinner as long as the add-ins are all veggies.  He pouts a little while because he doesn't like broccoli or spinach, both of which became the star add-ins to this concoction, but he got over it.  We fix it and I begin to sense something.  I am finding the eggs really gross.  I figure it's just because there are 4 eggs in this sucker and it just seems unhealthy due to the volume.  Once it is done cooking and I dish it onto the plates, though, I see the bottom of the skillet.  It's caked with that nasty film that develops when you cook eggs and I feel a little nauseated looking at it.

As the evening progresses, I begin to develop a theory-- in being more conscious and thoughtful about what I eat, I am naturally turning away from my taste for animal protein. I've never been a huge egg eater, but I would enjoy scrambled eggs with cheese and certain omelets.  This time, however, I didn't really like the taste or even the smell of the scrambled eggs.  We usually top it off with grated cheese, and I've always been a huge cheese eater.  This time, though, the combo of the eggs with the cheese wasn't tasty to me either, except in the bites where I barely got any cheese.  My tastes definitely are changing.