Thursday, December 17, 2009

Question for the experts:

So I have some questions for the more experienced people out there.  At lunch today, I selected the most delicious sounding item.  Everything on the limited menu for this party included meat except for one thing that didn't appeal at all.  So here's my question: do you go ahead and eat the chicken (or whatever) because at this point it's already been killed and cooked and put on your plate, or do you go ahead and push it to the side? 

I guess this is really for the people who choose not to eat meat for ethical reasons more than for health reasons.  I feel like I have reasons on both sides, but this is my first time to face these questions since I have eaten meat for most of my life.  I suppose the logical thing would have been to request the food without the meat, but I thought of that too late.  So WWVD? (What would vegetarians/vegans do?)  To really read into it, the animal already died for your consumption... you either eat the dead animal despite not wanting to or you waste it.  Either way is sad, since it doesn't support your beliefs.

I ended up pushing the meat to the side because I didn't care to eat it and am trying to stop eating meat period.  I am really struggling with the public situations, though.  American meals completely revolve around meat.  A corporate party I have coming up ONLY offers meat options.  Steak, chicken, ham... and the food will be pre-ordered by somebody at another office.  What on earth is a budding vegetarian to do?

I would love to hear feedback from those who have gone through a few tricky situations before and have some advice to offer.  Thank you so much in advance for any tips of the trade!