Thursday, December 10, 2009

For better and worse

I am feeling better today, thankfully!  Thank you thank you for wishing me well!

Sadly, though, I can feel that the stressful week is taking its toll on me.  Holiday crunch time and I'm feeling worn down and exhausted from it.  The crap keeps hitting the fan at work, but only in the afternoons so it leads to laaaaate days.

At least I didn't have a day like this, though! Oh. dear. God. Holy. hell. Wow. The mind boggles!

If you need to see this in all its original glory, you can see that here.

I think I need a little more sleep tonight to start the recovery process, but I am ELATED that I seem to have fought off the buggies that were hoping to take me down!  Trail: 1, Bugs: 0.  Yeah for being healthy!  I really thought I was past the point of return when I went to bed last night because I could tell the glands were huge on one side of my throat.  This morning, though, all was normal again.  Good health gets me as happy as Christmas morning!  And who doesn't love Christmas morning!

I heart Christmas!

Sorry, more sleep = less blogging.  Oh, but real quick, dinner tonight was a peanut butter, cinnamon, banana sammich, a pear, and an apple.  My heart grew 10 sizes just like the Grinch when the hubster had the same!  He's really trying with me, and it makes me love him even more!