Saturday, December 19, 2009

Happy Dance!

So my hubby and I both got sick last night and have sadly stayed that way.  His family came in town to see us pre-Christmas this weekend, and we weren't able to see them.  His dad has a suppressed immune system, so he can't risk getting sickly from us.  My family is coming into town tomorrow to spend Christmas with us.  I'm soooo very excited, but we've been dragging all day in the guest preparations.  I'm typing right now with a huge pile of clean laundry sitting beside me.  I promise I'll fold it all next!

I've tried to focus on eating all healthy foods to coax my body back into health, and did the neti pot ordeal again. The last time I used it, it worked like a charm.  This time around, though, it barely made a dent in my congestion.  I gave it a try, though.  I ended up taking Sudafed + 2 Advil and am a little less achy now.

So you might be wondering why I'm doing the happy dance if I'm sick and achy and missed out on seeing family (and still have that mound of laundry keeping me company).  Well..... I'm doing the happy dance because my dear sweet husband trooped out this evening to procure the few missing ingredients needed for us to make fudge babies AND ginger boys for us while my family is in town!  Plus he gets bonus points because the boy claims to hate dates and is still willing to buy them to make the recipes.  How can you not love dates?!  In the meantime, I've enjoyed some a bowl of plantains, a mango, a naner, the last couple dates in my previous package, and hot tea.  Oh, and a chocolate bar from my secret stash.  I hide ready-to-eat chocolate for emergencies, and pre-fudge baby counts as an emergency to me.  I'm chomping at the bit, I can't wait!



Other things that made me happy:  I've finally been around long enough to be crawled!  You can now follow me on Google Reader!!!  Yaaaay!  Aaaand, Katie showed off my banana hammock!  What a sweet girl!

Well, it's off to tackle the pile of laundry for me, but I'm happy about all the goodness in this life!  XOXO