Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!


Hope you all had a wonderful, very merry Christmas, full of love, family, and friends.  My parents flew in for the occasion and are staying with us.  My siblings drove in, so we actually got to have the whole family together for a little while.

It was wonderful.  With our family so spread over a couple countries and many states, it was great to have my side of the family all together.  We'll have my whole in-law family together soon, too.  I think we're quickly becoming the party hosts.  But with Kris Kringle on our side, we have no fear!

We went to a candlelit service at church last night. Wintry weather convinced most people to stay at home, but since we had volunteered to help at the midnight service, we were committed to going.

 It was probably the first time I'd seen the church that empty.  It was strange, a little lonely, and yet intimate.  They still lit candles and we looked down on all the twinkling lights.  Beautiful.

I tend to be pretty guarded with that I tell family about my personal life.  My husband is more of a blurter.  As in, mind and mouth are very closely connected.  So he was left alone for a moment with my parents and shared that we were trying to become vegetarian.  I was petrified at how it would go, but he explained it well and it all turned out fine.  Actually, my mom is pretty proud of how healthy we're trying to become.  That feels pretty nice.

Since we had an alternative meal for Christmas, we enjoyed some delicious pumpkin tamales that I found at a local eatery.  I'm very excited that we have enough left for me to continue to munch for the rest of the weekend.  We already had so many sweets that I didn't get to make any of Katie's creations for them, but with all the fixin's in my pantry, I'm sure it will really just mean more for hubs and me! 

Plans are in the works to see several close friends with the rest of the weekend.  Life is good.  The sad thing is that my parents leave tomorrow.  We aren't going to think about that now, though!  There are a few more hours of warm and fuzzies left to enjoy!  Merry Christmas everyone!