Friday, February 26, 2010

Wading into the deep end of the (thought) pool

So tonight's post will have to be super-quick, and I apologize in advance for not reading and commenting on anybody tonight.  Other demands unavoidably occupied my evening.

Vegan Thursday this week became a Vegan Wednesday.  You saw my breakfast smoothie yesterday. I also ate a salad pita with spinach, broccoli, carrots, and hummus for lunch.  Snackies were grapes and blueberries.  It was delish and made my tummy happy!  Irish made dinner for us last night.  He made his famous (to me) veggie fajitas with brown rice, black beans, black eyed peas, corn, and other goodies.  To my knowledge they are vegan, but I get to relax while he makes them so I can't be positive.  That pampering makes my heart happy :)

I started taking just a B-12 pill this morning instead of my usual B-complex this morning  thanks to a little info I learned from Candid RD.  Between the B-complex and my regular multi, I was getting dangerously close to the upper limit for folate before I even popped any food in my mouth!  Vegans already have a hard time with B-12 deficiency, and I'd say I eat around 90% vegan at this point.  Too much folate can cause B-12 deficiency among other issues, which can cause a nasty anemia problem, so I figure I better set things straight!

Sleep won over exercise again this morning because the no-longer sore muscles felt so divine resting peacefully in bed.  Not a good excuse, but it sure sounded good as I rolled over and grabbed another few zzz's.  So instead of an exercise update, I have a little food for thought:
People fail because they trade what they want the most for what they want right now.
This profound thought came to me this evening in the form of a misplaced post-it note.  Obviously I needed to get this message badly!  I often get a bad case of choice-itis when I have to make really big decisions and a "right answer" isn't clear to me.  That was my sentiment when I found this note.  Now if only I could get clear on what I want the most in this situation that's causing the mental struggle.

What do you want the most?  Do you consciously keep it at the top of your priority list to avoid trading it for the right now?  Do you find this contradicts or unites with the concept of living in the moment?  Do you wish I'd ask an easier question?  What does your loved one do to help you feel loved and appreciated?


Gina said...

Good for you for cutting down on the vitamins :) Trust me, it's better to be safe, than sorry. I think it's a smart decision.

I consider myself a pretty motivated person, almost too motivated sometimes (Type A isn't always a good thing) so I don't have trouble doing the right thing, most of the time. I like this quote though, it's so true!

As for what my loved one does to make me feel loved? Ironically he brought me home flowers today!! How about that?! That's rare, but I was super happy.

HAve a great weekend :)

Sunshine Mama said...

I find that instilling a habit of exercise, for example, makes it easier to get my work-outs in so that I don't give in to the "not feeling" like doing it right now.

My mom just got me the vegan cookbook called "Ten Talents". Have you ever read it? I love it. I'm not vegan, but I just love all the pictures and descriptions of how to cook such healthy food.

Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) said...

Hey Sweetie, how are you? I had major google reader malfunction but I'm back :) and i updated my blog roll too :)

Love the soup you made the tomato one, and the smoothie. Good luck w. the supplements and b12 vitamin.


Trail (Oven Aversion) said...

Thank you all for the wonderful comments! :)

Gina, thanks for providing the great info on the vitamins. And what a sweet guy to surprise you with flowers :) So sweet!

Sunshine Mama, I haven't read that cookbook before. I'm glad that you're enjoying it! It's always fun to explore new recipes and cooking techniques.

Averie, thanks for the sweet feedback and for the blogroll add! I really appreciate it!!

Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) said...

I didnt read the last post b/c I dont have the stomach or heart for anything that tells me straight up, read only if....

I just skip :)

Anyway girl you're welcome for the 'roll add. No prob!
And I loved yourlast comment to me re the fat talk and women like fishing for something and since you're not insecure you have nothing to say or no ability to relate....I feel the same way. Yes, I am thin. Who cares. Really. I dont care if they have cellulite or if I dont or vice versa or if the sky is blue. It makes so little difference to me and I agree, it's so off-putting when women do it, major turnoff for sure!