Saturday, February 13, 2010

VT recap

I have a dream.

My dream is a humble one with much less lofty goals that Mr. Martin Luther King, Jr. My dream is to have energy once again.  To de-stress.  To not fall asleep on the couch every night.  To stick to my workout plan. To get the house clean!  To eat healthy.  To relegate work to 8 hrs of my day because 1/3 of my life spent at work is more than enough!  This is my dream.

Sometimes I do much better than others.  I found a new love this past Vegan Thursday.  Healthy, full of protein and nutrients, zingy tastes to entertain my buds, and vegan!

Black Bean and Rice Burrito with Mole Sauce


To make them, you take: 

  •  Spinach tortillas

  • Brown rice

(The simplest one is minute rice.  It's fast and has negligible sodium.)

  • Black beans


Yes, these have salt in them, more than I would like.  But sometimes ease of prep time trumps 1hr in the kitchen waiting on a single ingredient to be ready.  I would have eaten my own hand by then.

And the crowning jewel...
  • Cocoa chile mole sauce (or another mole sauce of your choosing)


I know it's not the best pic of the ingredients label, but there was nothing animal-ish about it.  This was the instigator to the entire meal.  I couldn't wait to try the sauce and needed a meal for the job.

This was a fabulous party in my mouth!  If I hadn't downed the entire bowl of guac the other night, it would have been a nice addition, but this was so good I didn't even miss it.

I also love that you can fully customize the meal amount.  Irish wasn't home Thursday night, so this was a meal for one.  I cooked up 1/2 cup rice, the full can of beans (washed and drained to reduce sodium), a little bit of mole sauce (probably a couple Tbsp worth) and heated up 2 tortillas.  Plenty to eat for me, and with leftover beans in the fridge to recreate this meal again when Irish can try it.  Plus it's a puny little 4 ingredients!

So easy and delicious! 

Hopefully today will hold more of the same.  Good eats and an energizing workout.  That's my goal for today.

What's your best technique to get more energy (copious caffeine doesn't count!)?  What is one of your fave quick go-to recipes?

Kristen's got a delish sounding oat bar giveaway!


Gina said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! To answer your question about my thoughts on vegetarianism, I think it can be a great thing for some, but not for others. Basically I have met plenty of vegetarians who eat carbs all day, like pasta and bread, yet no fruits, vegetables, and meat alternatives (tofu, tempeh, beans, etc.). But others I have met are doing it all right! For them I think vegetarian/veganism is a good thing.
Overall I really don't think vegetarian diets or vegan diets are any healthier, unless you compare it to someone who it's a TON of meat. I am a meat eater but I eat what is recommended for my body and personal needs (about 5-6 ounces of meat/fish/poultry per day). Some people get WAY TOO MUCH meat, and that's not healthy.

Hope this helps.

Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) said...

Fave recipe? Tons of greens, veggies, put them in a bowl with homemade dressing. I know some people call that a salad; but mine are chock full of tons of other veggies, it's like a raw stir fry :)

Love the meal you made girl..looks great! Enjoy your day with Irish toorrow!

Trail (Oven Aversion) said...

Gina, you rock! Thanks for the amazing info, I really truly appreciate it! :)

Averie, thanks hon! Hope you're enjoying the day with Scott today too! Stirfries are great and easy. I should remember that option more often!