Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Take 2's

So a few days ago I enjoyed guacamole and then a mole burrito, but not simultaneously.  Well, I think we allllll know where this is going.  Obviously, no self-respecting mexican food lover could enjoy a delicious guacamole, an amazing burrito, have the ingredients on hand to make both and not combine them.

I changed up the guacamole recipe from the last time.  I forgot to add the tomato this time, but I kinda think it turned out better this way.  Fluffy avocado is so heavenly!

Guacamole of the Gods

  • 1/2 large avocado
  • onion powder to taste (I used 3 pinches)
  • dark chile powder to taste (I used 1 generous pinch)
  • cayenne pepper powder to taste (I used 1 pinch)
  • garlic pepper to taste (I used 2 strong shakes)
Fluff it all together with a fork until it's creamy and fluffy.

Gorgeous!  It was sooo delicious that I kept sampling as I fixed the burritos.

Mole burrito with guacamole

So I made the same burrito recipe as before.  So easy: spinach tortillas, brown rice, black beans, and vegan cocoa mole sauce.  Before rolling it together and stuffing your face, add the guacamole.  Be generous with it because it's pretty darn tasty!


We also tried what we thought was a vegan almond cheese.

Looks good right?  I was shocked because it actually had cassein from milk in it.  We're vegetarian but I eat as vegan as I can.  Before this, though, I would have never looked at purchasing an almond cheese, so I just assumed they were all created FOR vegans.  I mean really, who would eat almond cheese if they weren't trying to eat vegetarian/vegan??  It's much pricier and doesn't melt as well.

Ok, veering back onto the beaten path here.  So all this was to say that we tried the almond cheese in the burrito despite it's less-than-vegan status.

Beautiful and delicious burrito.  Just 6 ingredients now, but just as quick to make.  I fell in love with this meal.  We promptly planned for the next time this week that we would fix it again.  Play it again, Sam, it's a good'un!
Oh, and here was the ringing endorsement from Irish for the guacamole.  He doesn't like guacamole, but he really liked this one.  He said that he would eat guacamole now if I fixed it and revised his "I hate guacamole" stance to say that he doesn't like any restaurant produced guacamole.  My simplistic guac beats the award winning restuarant recipes?!  Wow, I will cherish that compliment for sure!


I'm still trying to stretch every day and that seems to be helping me feel better.  I don't feel like the stretches toward the splits are getting any deeper, but maybe they are one teensy bit at a time.  This was day 2 of meditating.  I feel like I'm doing a little better at it this time around.  I've heard lots of the tricks for it so I'm trying to see what works.  This morning I focused myself on the word "love" and then changed to focus on my breathing when I realized my brain split into 2 sections-- the one claiming to focus on the word and the other that was worlds away.  I did much better focusing on my breath.  I breathe shallowly much of the time and it was a good reminder to consciously breathe deeply.  I'm sure that will help with the stress levels too.

What are your best meditation and focus techniques?  What's the best cooking compliment you've received? 


Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) said...

Thanks for the update on your yoga/stretching/meditating! As for the yoga, you need to push yourself just up to the point where it's pretty uncomfortable. No pain no gain...not exactly totally true, but, def challenge yourself just up to your Edge. That may jumpstart things a little :) As for the shallow breathing, most people do and it's great youre aware and mindful of it!

Comment you left me re Irish and eating less than ideal if you werent in charge of food choices...I think men in general drift towards that side and women get the car back on track and without us, they would be eating much more garbage food. You're not alone. Huge generalization of course, but all the men Ive been with, this is the case!

Gina said...

Thanks for your question on my blog. Vitamin E is an antioxidant and it can act as a pro-oxidant when taken in high doses. Studies have actually correlated it's use with cancer, when taken in high doses, via a supplement. I would never suggest to anyone going over 100 IU. Studies do not suggest otherwise.

The guacamole looks fantastic, by the way, and the best compliment I have received from cooking is from Nick or my dad. When they love my food, I am happy!

Sunshine Mama said...

I like gaucomole and avocados, so that looked really good to me.

My best food compliment happened when I cooked a turkey for Thanksgiving. It was the first time I did it just with following the directions and my husband was so impressed at the flavor and moistness. (Sorry, we're not vegans. I just realized as I'm writing this that this may not be appealing to you.)

But that burrito looks wonderful.

Trail (Oven Aversion) said...

Averie, thanks so much for your thoughts! I agree about pushing yourself with yoga (and any other forms of exercise too). Also, thank you for the reassurance about Irish not being the only guy who needs to be nudged!

Gina, thank you very much for your feedback on the Vit E. I'd say that's one of the "hot topic" items that is getting confusing!

Sunshine Mama, do NOT feel bad at all about sharing! I'm a recent vegetarian. While I am very happy with the decision, I do not at all judge others for eating meat. I'm happy for you that your hubby loved your masterpiece! :)

To all of you: thank you for the compliments on the guac! It really was the best!