Monday, February 8, 2010

Look I fixed it!

Not afraid of fats.

So I know a few girls who are not afraid of fats.  Embrace it baby!  Dinner also had a hole theme (don't get dirty here!).  Thus the title

A friend gave me an adorable mini bundt cake, and I had an avocado that was calling my name from the fridge.


Yes folks, I am the reason that parents don't allow their small children to pick what's for dinner.  Sadly, I never outgrew it.  When Irish isn't here to share dinner with me, I have some whacked out eats.


I have one issue with avocados.  If they aren't the perfect ripeness, I get tired of eating them partway through.  So what does a gal do?  Make guacamole!


It's so beautiful!  And was just as tasty.  I ate it all.  I don't have an official recipe for this.  And you'd probably cringe at the techniques used.  I wouldn't pass a sanitation class on this one, that's for sure.  But it was just for me and I eat my own germs all the time.


So here's the basic "recipe"
  • About 2/3 of large avocado
  • 1/2 a roma tomato without the innards
  • Pinches to taste of ground cayenne pepper, ground dark chile, onion powder, garlic pepper
  • 1-2 splashes of lime juice

Tips to fix it as dirty as I did.  Use the same fork that you were using to eat the avocado raw.  Bite the inside out of the 1/2 tomato like you just shot tequila and need a chaser.  Lick fingers and fork repeatedly as you fix it.  The actual important tip is to mash the avocado at each step so it's light and fluffy by the time you're done with it.  Toss the tomato in last so you don't get them mushy from the fluffing.


It's so gorgeous it could be a screensaver!  Except then you'd have to invest in a squeegee to wipe down all the drool.  And you'd have to peel your coworkers off your desk.
Oh yes, and the bundt was good too.  Cream cheese icing is divine for the non-vegan and was their solution to "fixing" the hole.  I don't see the purpose for all the red food dye, but it sure does taste good!

Now there's another chance to get a little more fat.  Averie is hosting a giveaway for some deeeeelicious coconut oil!  Mmm, can't wait!


Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) said...

Thanks for the shout my friend. What's so funny is that about 2 days ago, in this post,
I said the same thing about katie, heather, and gena: These girls don't fear their fats. And here you're saying it now about me. Too funny!

Anyway hon, got all your contest entries and thanks.

And guac. Love it. Mine is just mushed avo, lemon/lime juice, cayenne, and red pepper or tomato. Basically whatev i have on hand.

Trail (Oven Aversion) said...

Haha, this recipe was just based on what I had on hand, too! Those are the best recipes!

You're very welcome about the shout out!