Monday, January 11, 2010

S'ghetti Squash & Smiley Face Dinners

We had a lovely vegan dinner last night.  We fixed spaghetti squash with a roasted garlic red sauce.  We had bread and a nice glass of red wine with it.  It was delish and I have leftovers to take with me to lunch tomorrow.  It was so nice to enjoy it together.

Tonight on the way home from work, I bought whole wheat flax english muffins and dark chocolate peanut butter.  Irish wasn't interested in dinner, so I ended up eating two english muffins with dark chocolate PB on top.  The first one was just plain, but the second one was topped with banana.

By the time I stopped to take a breath and grab the camera, I only had a couple bites left of the first muffin.  The second muffin was successfully photographed, though.

Smiley face dinner :) I don't think you can top a dinner that smiles back at you.  I then smushed the naner all over the muffins. Deeeeeelicious!

I mixed up a little chia seed concoction last night.  I'm not quite sure about it, so we'll see how it goes.  I'll report back tomorrow.

What's your super simple meal?