Monday, January 18, 2010

Old, new, but not feeling blue!

Something old and something new

So despite MLK Day today, the UPS folks still rocked out a full day's work.  Just like me.  I'm so grateful for them because they brought my new pair of adorable vegan tall boots to my doorstep.  (Apparently brown really can do something for me.)  I was lamenting (that would be the kind way to say cursing) that USPS got the day off today because it meant that I could miss a Wednesday deadline for something I mailed early this morning.  See? Tried to be on top of it, but the (post)man kept me down.  Just to check, I asked Irish if any packages were waiting for me, and he said yes.  I squealed because it meant either my kitchen scale or a pair of cute shoes were waiting, and either one was cause for celebration.  I love shoes.  I honestly adore them.

(Feel free to ignore the bone-defying contortions of my noodle legs.)

Ok, so I digressed quite a bit.  Veering back onto the path, though, new cute boots.  To try them on, I felt like I needed an appropriate outfit.  Perusing my closet, I settled on what I was fairly certain would be impossible.  A very cute pair of khaki legging pants from the last go-around when they were popular.  (End of high school if memory serves correctly.)  I was sure they couldn't fit, and simultaneously wondered why on earth I still had them if that was the case.  Ladies, spandex is your friend.  I could still wear the pants!  Not just for giggles either.  Like I could honestly zip, button, stand, sit, and breathe in these pants.  They are perfect to wear with boots, too, because the one thing that did change slightly was my height.  Tuck those babies in and nobody's the wiser.

(Look, I'm fashionable now... it's a miracle!)

New isn't always better

Then for dinner we tried the gardein that we bought at our WF scavenger hunt

We tried to use Katie's technique of NOT trying to believe it was really chicken, but it still wasn't enough.  Shockingly, Irish was a better trooper about it than me.  He ate both of his little chick'n cutlets.  I ate a bite, then created a topping.  Italian dressing, balsamic vinegar, dijon mustard, and a splash of lemon, just in case anyone wants to recreate.  I smothered the sunnuvabeetch like it was on fire.  It still wasn't enough.  At that point I ate all the brown rice on my plate and left half of my second cutlet on the plate.  I couldn't finish it.  I would much rather have nothing resembling meat than something that tastes gross but looks vaguely meatish.  I haven't missed meat, so I don't think I'll try to replace it.  Not with that, at least.

Wanna know what "new" would definitely be better?  The Vita-Mix that Katie's giving away!

I managed to fill my belly with everything I was willing to eat, wash that down with almond milk, wash that down with fudge babies, and now I'll go dream of cute outfits that will appropriately show off the boots.  With any luck, the scale will arrive tomorrow!  I love happy days like today... this Monday rocked out!  :)

P.S. If anyone cares to know, I'm sore from my mega workout yesterday.  I'm trying very hard to power through and move normally because that seems to limber up the muscles again.  I only did light stretching today, but I'm hoping to be back at it tomorrow morning.  WMM2 is a powerhouse workout for the core muscles.  I love when my core feels strong!

What's your favorite fashion item?  Mine, clearly, is shoes.  Any tips for looking trendy with my new boots?  What new food item did you try that you hated and/or that you unexpectedly loved? What exercise leaves you feeling most satisfied? (Clean answers only please!)


Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga) said...

you are looking sassy and hot in those boots, my dear :) LOVE IT!!!

Dulse flakes, not a fan. Too salty.
Nooch. Became a fan instantly.

Great questions!


Trail said...

Thanks sweetie! Thanks for letting me know about your likes/dislikes-- haven't tried dulse flakes yet.