Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Don't breed hate

My name is Trail, and I have a confession.  My stomach churns when I hear about people who prostitute pimp breed their dogs.  There are too many rescue dogs, shelter dogs, hoarded dogs, stray dogs out there.  They are sweet, wonderful, loyal, loving dogs, and they all need good, loving homes. I hate knowing that these people are intentionally putting more dogs out in this world that have to be paired with a forever home.  I also hate it because I know it means one more shelter dog won't get a home.  I can't even think about what happens after too many days without finding a new family.  I hate that as well.

So I'm going to introduce you to my daughter, Baby Bear.

She was a three-time rescue pup.  She was abandoned in a parking lot and found by a family that was willing to take her into the store and request that they call the shelter to pick her up.  The shelter saved her from homelessness and put her in the adoption lineup at the shelter.  When too many days passed and she was headed for death row (that phrase still makes tears well up in my eyes), she was saved yet again by a small dog rescue league.  I LOVE them.  They socialized her, trained her, fed her, SPAYED her, vaccinated her, kept her in a home setting, and are absolutely no kill.

So after all these rescues, I went to at an adoption event, and it was love at first sight.  In all honesty, BB found me, and I can promise you that she knew I would be her forever home.  She stared deeply into my eyes with her dark chocolate brown eyes and told me she was mine.  I hunted the not-so-accessible adoption coordinator until I finally got her cornered and told her I found my dog.  I purchased all the doggie necessities on faith so that I could be prepared for the adoption.  I took off work early to meet the adoption coordinator for a home visit.  And finally, at the end of this meeting, she was mine.  We have been inseparable ever since.

Here's what she has to say about dog breeding:
If my mommy had gone to a breeder, I wouldn't be with my family.  Who knows what would happen to puppies like me who get abandoned.  I'm not a purebred, but my love is pure.  Some of my friends at the shelter were purebred, though, if you like a more uniform look.  I hear that lots of people are not created on purpose, and that happens to us too.  Accidents happen and we all need good homes.  I know most shelter supporters say that responsible breeders are ok, but there are only so many good places for us all to live.  I kinda think that we should all get to call dibs on homes before people make their dogs have more puppies.

If I had come from a breeder, I would not have been taught all those neat tricks that make my mommy so happy, like only peeing and pooing outside, sleeping in my crate while she's at work, coming when she calls my name, and sitting when I'm annoying her I'm told.  Getting spayed wasn't bad, and I like that now I know the frisky little neighbor dog can't knock me up.  I know my mommy and daddy would never pimp me out, but I think it's a nice reassurance for other dogs who can't be so sure.  So in conclusion, from your source from the inside, shelter dogs can be your bestest friends in the whole wide world if you'll just give us a chance.

It's me again now:
I know that everyone who owns a dog thinks it's the greatest, sweetest, most adorable dog ever.  I also know that times are hard and people are trying to get creative with how to make money.  Neither is a valid reason to purposefully create more puppies.  Take lots of pictures of your dog and cherish the several years that you have together with her.  And if you really need money, get creative in other ways.  Sell pet rocks; they're bound to make a comeback some time soon, and I don't think they'll have an over crowding problem!

Now we're both going to step down from our soap box and get laaaaaaid back! And please understand that I'm not judging others.  I feel strongly about this because I want to see all homeless pets find good homes and because I know that shelter pups can be the greatest thing on earth.  This is just my own visceral reaction to learning that somebody breeds their dog and sells the offspring.  If you bought your dog from a breeder and treat them like royalty, then I'm truly extremely happy for you.  xoxo