Friday, January 8, 2010

Always wear clean underwear.

Because you just never know.

Planning ahead. It's important in many aspects of life.  It helps you keep your sanity, your job, and stay true to yourself.  I'm learning that a fly by the seat of your pants philosophy doesn't pair well with trying to be vegetarian in a meaty environment.

I've relied on frozen vegetarian lunches for the past few weeks so that I could automate my lunches.  I've had them for a few years (sad, I know!) and have gotten so used to having 10 seconds of prep in the mornings to bring a lunch to work.  Reach into freezer, pull out cardboard box, slip in bag and run.  Yep, 10 seconds tops.

So I switched to vegetarian ones, but they're still not all that healthy.  Plus they're all cheese covered.  So when I forgot about Vegan Thursdays yesterday, I got the little glimmer that I needed to plan ahead.

Then today was a potluck at work.  I happened to also forget about that until I showed up at work.  Now that I don't want to eat meat, I'm more and more shocked to see how much meat is thrown into everything.  Soup, pasta, mac 'n' cheese, queso, tortilla rolls, sandwiches.... everything was meated up!  It was shocking!  So I did my best to pick out some mac 'n' cheese that didn't include the meat, noodles without the meat, etc.

Next time, I can bring a veggie option, so I know that at least one item is in the clear.  So it turns out that the boy scouts did get it right.  Always be prepared.  And the clean underwear is pretty sound advice, too.  Just in case you were on the fence about that one.