Sunday, January 17, 2010

I call ...

Smells like a pack 'o lies.

Wow.  So you may have seen the "booya" style ads from Sweet Surprise on high fructose corn syrup (HFCS).  It made even my husband, who generally just absorbs his nutritional education from me, call B.S.  I felt like I'd just seen a skeezy political ad.

I also kind of felt like their comparison of HFCS to refined white sugar was like saying slave labor was just as good as sweatshops.  Neither one is good, people!

It's highly refined, a bastardization of corn.  I started laughing at the last point in the myths portion.  It was supposed to reassure that genetically modified corn, that may or may not be in HFCS, wouldn't matter because you couldn't even find any corn DNA in the HFCS.  How is that a good thing?  You know, other than possibly not ingesting pesticides.

I just find it sad that they're trying to defend this crap.  Sorry people, but I'm not falling for it.  I'll continue to find alternatives to HFCS and avoid the biggest culprits like soda.  All this really does it help people who eat a highly processed unhealthy diet feel better about their poor choices.  So let's just call it what it is.