Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter frock

So I mentioned this weekend on a friend's page that I would be the one at church who wasn't wearing a new dress.  She called it a "frock" which made me giggle, so without further ado I will show off my not-new but still cute Easter frock.

So this is what I wore to church yesterday.  I felt very pretty and flouncy, and loved pulling out a dress, since I rarely wear them.  I have a handful of cute, pretty dresses that I just cycle through for fancy occasions.  Weddings, family reunions, Easter, Christmas, company parties, etc-- I just select one and go.  Who besides you remembers that you've worn the dress before anyway?  The paparazzi don't come after me so there's no wicked tabloid commentary about it.

Did you have a good Easter/weekend?  Anything fancy or pretty low key?  Are you a self-pic person?  In what clothing do you feel your foxiest?