Sunday, April 11, 2010

Til next time!

Our out of town guests just left.  They're the reason I've been SO scarce.  I'll be back to posting tomorrow.

It's been hard having our lives interrupted like that.  I value some "me time" like getting to blog, read all of your blogs, work out, check our DVR, get ready for work in peace, and get ready for bed uninterrupted.

A few tips for those of you planning to be houseguests in the near future:
  • If the homeowner is trying to work out, please let them do their thing in peace.  It may be the only thing holding their sanity together.
  • Once the bedroom door is shut for the night, consider yourself on your own.
  • If they happen to be vegetarian or vegan, please abstain from offering your leftover chicken takeout to them multiple times.  If you offer once and they decline, I will assume you simply forgot their eating habits.  But after that, you just appear to be testing them... in their own house... which seems rude.
  • No matter how much you love the homeowner, try to give them a few minutes of peace in their own house.  Staying with them for every waking minute can be too much time together even for married couples who chose to live under the same roof.

I think I mentioned the last time that I hosted guests that I usually clean thoroughly after our guests leave.  I like getting the dirty sheets, towels, glasses, and plates done and put away so I can feel back to normal.  I started the process, but it's late and most of that will keep til tomorrow.

So for now, goodnight.  Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!

Question time!
Do you like hosting houseguests?  Are you the frequent crash pad for family/friends?  What was the best thing you did all weekend?  I know it's weird, but my favorite part of the weekend was clearing all the dead plants from last year out of the backyard and prepping the flower beds.  I also settled some reorganization/decorating dilemmas that arose last week.  Love that feeling of accomplishment!