Thursday, May 13, 2010

Praise for the path

I pondered an interesting revelation the other morning on my way into work.  I can remember about a year ago when I first heard of green monsters and Kris Carr.  I totally understood why she took the path she did, ate the foods she did, and really loved and adored her outlook and vibrancy.  I couldn't in my wildest dreams imagine how she sacrificed all the "good" foods to force herself to eat only healthy food day in and day out.  I thought it must get miserable.  I also assumed it had to be a full time job to prepare all the healthy specialized foods.

It really made me laugh to reflect back on that.  I wake up every morning with a grumbly tummy that craves my daily green monster brekkie.  My favorite desk lunch on earth is a whole grain pita with hummus, kale, broccoli, and carrots.  I know have ZERO desire to eat meat, fast food, donuts, and many other unhealthy foods.  I have even been craving less chocolate lately!!!!!!!  I NEVER knew that was possible! 

As I continue to learn more about nutrition and what food works best with my body, the changes continue.  I am a dairy junkie no more and have learned that "not all money is good money" also refers to free food.  Not all free food is good food... some of the cheap unhealthy junk just needs to be left on the counter.

I'll continue to enjoy my green monster every morning and the inexplicably happy feeling my tummy feels after getting filled with all those nutrients.  I'll continue to munch my pita while my coworkers pack on the BBQ.  I can really truly honestly testify to anyone that you CAN love eating healthy.  You have to give it a little time, but it really is true. 

Oh and I can promise you that it is nothing close to a full time job.  I have a full time+ job and a million other things on my plate.  I still manage the veggie path every day and I have my morning monster down to a science.  It is totally do-able.  Plus think about how much faster and easier it is to eat raw... no cook time at all!

Did you have any beliefs that you personally disproved as you continued your path in life?  What foods can you happily eat day in and day out?  What cravings fell by the wayside as you ate better?